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The Swedish Institute annually initiates a great number of events and projects in order to spread knowledge about Sweden and promote cooperation with other countries. The events are primarily arranged internationally but sometimes also in Sweden. SI is also an active partner in several events and projects by external organisers.

The events and projects are performed with regards to SI’s geographical and thematic priorities and our target groups.

Stay up-to-date on the Swedish Institute’s events and projects by following our calendar of events.


Innovative power, in which Sweden currently has a unique position, is an important factor for continued social and economic development. SI works with a variety of projects, events and materials on innovation.

Creativity and culture

The Swedish Institute is assigned to promote Swedish cultural and creative industries abroad. Swedish creativity and innovation help create growth, prosperity and quality of life.

SI collaborates with cultural professionals in Sweden and abroad to raise interest for Swedish culture in other countries. SI works together with Swedish embassies with focus on six areas: music, photography, literature, film, gaming, fashion and design. Click on the respective areas to learn more.


There is a great interest for Swedish society with our extensive welfare system and continued work for equality and justice. SI works to establish a dialogue around Swedish society and has for example toured the exhibition To me there’s no other choice, about Raoul Wallenberg who led a campaign to save Jews from the Holocaust. Raoul Wallenberg is one of the most recognised and admired Swedes abroad and and the exhibition was inaugurated on January 17 at the National Museum in Budapest, the date on which Raoul Wallenberg disappeared in 1945.

Internationally, gender equality is one of Sweden’s best-known attributes which is why the Swedish Institute organising a series of events on gender equality. One example of this is the documentary photo exhibition Life Puzzle which shows a broad picture of family life in Sweden and how it can be combined with working life.

The Swedish Institute has also been commissioned by the Government to spread information on Swedish methods and perspectives relevant to the work on prostitution and human trafficking. As a part of that work, SI has published the information material Targeting the sex buyer. The Swedish Example: Stopping prostitution and trafficking where it all begins. Read more about Targeting the sex buyer.


Sustainability is when social, economic and environmental development occurs in symbiosis, with a holistic approach to community development. SI works with various projects and events to highlight the importance of sustainable development. The dimension in focus depends on the area in question – support for democracy in Belarus, water quality in the Baltic Sea, cultural export – but in the background there is a holistic approach where the environment is in focus.

In 2010, SI launched the exhibition Facing the Climate. In it, Swedish and international cartoonists offer some amusing and alarming reflections on the climate issue to raise awareness and discussion on the climate threat.

The Swedish Institute is also involved as partner in selected EU projects to get practical experience on how projects in EU programmes are conducted. These include the project InnoHeat where partners from Poland, Lithuania, Germany and Sweden are working to analyse the status of district heating systems in the region and suggest upgrades and modernisations of them.

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