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Woman working in mining.

Photo: Cecilia Larsson/

What is Sweden known for? Do people know about us at all? How are we rated in comparison with other countries? To answer these questions, the Swedish Institute actively engages in strategic monitoring and intelligence gathering.

We continuously perform global analysis and do our own studies to stay updated with the image of Sweden abroad. Sweden has a brand platform based on common Swedish values that stand out internationally. The principal message is that Sweden is a development-oriented country in which people and the environment take precedence.

By uniting around a shared perception of what Sweden has to offer, we ensure clearer communication with the world and a stronger impact for our message. The brand platform is a result of close collaboration between the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Business Sweden, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, and the Swedish Institute.

Read more about why our image is important to us.

For more information about the image of Sweden, please contact:
Lisa Larsson, acting head of the Communications Unit

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