Information about Sweden

One of the fundamental tasks of the Swedish Institute is to inform the world about Sweden and Swedish values. We have a large amount of information available in both printed and digital form.

Through our site,, we offer a comprehensive collection of information materials about Sweden, produced by the Swedish Institute.

The website is intended for an international audience with an interest in Sweden and the Swedes. The materials on the site are sorted by topic to make it easier for you to find basic facts or data for presentations, discussions or events. We have also put together toolkits, which are ready-made sets of tools and instructions on a topic that will provide both ideas and information for your themed event.

The materials found on Sharing Sweden are open to the public and free to use, apart from a few pages, which are only accessible by Swedish embassies and consulates due to copyright issues.

Some of the material is for a broad public while some target a specific group such as students or those interested in moving to Sweden for work. For those looking to visit Sweden as tourists, we recommend

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