Baltic Executive Programme

The Baltic Executive Programme is a new leadership programme designed to tackle the ever more pressing question of how to unleash the full potential of transnational cooperation. The programme is developed by the Swedish Institute and targets executives within local and regional government in the Baltic Sea Region.

Countless transnational projects and networks have been initiated in the Baltic Sea Region over the years. Studies show that few initiatives are durable. They often cease to exist when funding runs out and results are seldom integrated into the normal operations of the home organisation.

The Baltic Executive Programme targets elected politicians, directors, strategists and senior planners from local and regional government, with an established track record and/or genuine interest in Baltic Sea Region cooperation.

The participants are given the opportunity to discuss and develop a common understanding on:

  • The values and synergies in transnational cooperation, and how these can be communicated to create a broader interest and understanding, both within and outside organisations.
  • How transnational cooperation can become an integrated part of an organisation’s routines.
  • How transnational projects and networks can be used strategically for the long-term benefit of the home organisation as well as the local and regional development.

The Baltic Executive Programme was initatied as a pilot programme during the spring of 2016. The programme was attended by local and regional participants from all eight EUSBSR member states, with very positive results.

The Swedish Institute will therefore relaunch the programme starting December 2016. The programme is divided into two interactive modules, each module covering 2.5 days. Nominations for the Baltic Executive programme are due 3 October 2016.

Hear the participants own words about the Baltic Executive Programme:

Baltic Executive Programme – Creating Sustainable Change from Swedish Institute on Vimeo.

How to apply to the Baltic Executive Programme.

For more information, please contact: Adiam Tedros, Head of the Leadership Programmes Unit