Creative Force Programme

The Swedish Institute’s Creative Force programme provides funding for collaborative projects involving organisations in Sweden and in the countries specified below that work to bring about change by means of dialogue, communication and creative forums. The programme is open to applications which aim to promote openness and democratic structures with the aid of projects in the fields of culture, media and related sectors.

Applicants may be civil society organisations, foundations, public sector agencies, private sector agencies or other professional actors. Private individuals may not apply for funding under the programme. Observe! It is always the Swedish partner in a collaboration who is formally responsible for the application and legally accountable vis-à-vis the Swedish Institute.

The application deadlines

The application deadlines for 2014 are January 24, May 15, and September 15.

The application period begins six weeks before each respective deadline.

As of 2014 the Creative Force programme comprises five geographic areas:

Photo: Swedish Institute

Photo: Swedish Institute

Read more about how you can apply here.

For more information, please contact:

Judith Black, programme manager Creative Force Russia and Creative Force Eastern Europe
Lejla Hastor, programme manager Creative Force Western Balkans and Turkey
Michael Skoglund, programme manager Creative Force Middle East and North Africa and temporary programme manager Crative Force Africa

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