She Entrepreneurs

She Entrepreneurs is a recognised leadership programme for young emerging women social entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) and Sweden.

Intended for women who have already started to build a social business, She Entrepreneurs offers participants a chance to take their social business initiative to a whole new level.

Practical details

During a total of two and a half weeks on two separate occasions, the She Entrepreneurs programme offers personal and professional development to women whose social enterprise delivers a solution for positive social change.

The hands-on and practical study programme consists of seminars, workshops and interactive learning methods combined with reflection sessions, team-building and practical exercises. Facilitators and expert mentors are available for guidance. There are also study visits and meetings with inspiring social entrepreneurs.

There is no fee for the programme. Travel, hotel and food expenses are covered by the Swedish Institute.

What participants get out of it

She Entrepreneurs participants will build on their knowledge of business elements, from branding to risk-taking. The programme offers a competitive advantage as participants develop their own social business initiative and acquire personal skills and innovative tools.

The programme also allows women entrepreneurs to meet, inspire each other and share experiences on common challenges. Participants will emerge with a strong and active network of likeminded women who support each other in driving important changes in society.

Who can apply?

Application is open to women between the ages of 20 and 36, who are driven and have the ambition to develop an initiative aimed at positive social change through entrepreneurial principles. Applicants must be citizens of Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine*, Sweden, Syria, Tunisia or Yemen. Work on your social business must already be started and should be based and implemented in your country of citizenship or in one of the countries above.

Applicants must have a proficient command of both written and spoken English, as well as basic knowledge of the internet and new technologies.

*Palestinian ID holders, including Jerusalem ID.

Read more and apply:

Toolbox for the social business

SI has produced a handbook on social entrepreneurship specifically for participants of She Entrepreneurs. The book – Toolbox for the social business – is available for free online.

Toolbox for the social business is a practical introduction to business modelling with the key building blocks to commercialise a business idea. It presents traditional concepts of entrepreneurship and explains how these can be adapted and exploited by organisations that aim to deliver social or ecological value creation. This book is based on theories and practices that have proven to be effective and impactful. Each chapter contains critical questions to consider individually or in a group. Using the toolbox will help readers create or grow an impactful business.

Contacts at the Swedish Institute

She Entrepreneurs in social media

Watch the She Entrepreneurs video that was recorded during the first year of the programme (2011).

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