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Photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson

The Swedish Institute Management Programme comprises three weeks of intensive training. The programme is divided into a two-day kick-off and two modules, spread out over a period of seven months.

  • Kick-off: Welcome to the Swedish Institute Management Programme Africa, Africa, June 2017*
    Content: 2 day introduction to the programme curriculum; practical information and Q&A session; networking with distinguished representatives of Swedish business life.
  • Module 1: Sustainable business, management and responsible leadership, Sweden, 11–23 September, 2017
    Content: Leadership in a globalised world; how corporate responsibility relates to successful business in regards to strategies, innovation and production. Exclusive visit to a modern Swedish business location or public administration and coaching of individual projects in the participant’s own organisation. Some travelling in Sweden is included.
  • Module 2: Corporate responsibility in practice, Africa, 12 – 17 February, 2018
    Content: in-depth analysis of well-defined business problems and focus on the projects in the participant’s own organisation; custom-made coaching; Corporate responsibility from a regional perspective; networking with selected guests from the regional business arena, as well as Swedish representatives.

*The location for the kick-off and module 2 is to be confirmed, as well as the dates for the kick-off.

Please note that the Swedish Institute Management Programme is an intensive programme with a full day schedule and many evening activities. All selected participants will have to commit to participate in all activities of both the kick-off and Module 1 and 2. Participants are also expected to allocate some time and effort in between modules for web-based group work as well as individual programme related project work.

Photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson

Accommodation, food and travel

The programme is free of charge and costs related to accommodation, food and transport while in Sweden is covered by the Swedish Institute. For module 1, flight tickets to and from Sweden is also covered by the Swedish Institute. Kindly note that each participant is responsible for arranging and paying for their own air travel to and from the kick-off and for module 2, both which will take place in one of the selected countries in Africa. Participants are also responsible for costs related to transport within their own countries.


During the programme in Sweden all participants will be insured against acute illness and accident through the Swedish State Group Insurance and personal insurance by The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Service Agency (Kammarkollegiet). For the second module, which will take place in one of the selected countries in Africa. All participants are kindly requested to purchase travel insurance in their respective countries.


Participants are responsible for obtaining their visas in good time before departure to Sweden and other relevant countries. The Swedish Institute will contact all concerned embassies in order to facilitate the application process. When applying for a visa the Swedish Institute will provide the participants with a letter of invitation and an insurance certificate. Find your nearest Swedish embassy.

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