About the programme

The YLVP programme is leadership training within the context of working for an equal and sustainable society. Participants will learn in group from both experts within the field and from each other.

The contents of the programme will vary from year to year as it is the particular expertise and experience of participants that will largely determine the topics. However, the following broader subjects will be central to the programme: equality, sustainability, transparency, democracy and human rights. Problem-solving will involve discussions on global and/or common challenges, network building and digital tools.

YLVP goals 

YLVP aims to support young leaders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Sweden by giving them the tools and methods they need in their work for an equal and sustainable society. YLVP is as much about personal as it is about professional development. It is about growing as a person with renewed confidence and insights, and growing as a leader with new tools, methods and perspectives.

Even though the programme focuses on networks and collaboration, one of the most fundamental tools is gaining personal insights and self-awareness as a leader, a change-maker and a person. Participants will discover how they work in a group, and how their behaviours and attitudes can be used to support the group and the process.

Understanding how one is as a person and how one works in a group will make the individual a more effective team member and leader. Gaining greater understanding of the environment and issues on a local, regional and global level will make participants more effective at accomplishing social change.

Taking part in YLVP also means becoming a part of an alumni network that offers the opportunity to exchange ideas and multiply your impact. The YLVP network is very much alive and active. It consists of YLVP alumni who continue to support each other’s personal and professional development and collaborate on social issues.

The programme relies heavily on collaboration and learning from each other. It also explores the current digital landscape, and the social media sessions during YLVP offers participants tools and perspectives to use social media more effectively in their work.

Trying out new and innovative means of communicating a message. Photo: Aline Lessner

YLVP includes inspirational field and study visits. Photo: Aline Lessner.

Learning methods

All participants are experts in their field, and learning will take place between participants and through external experts. The methods used originate in collaboration and experience rather than individual performance. Exchanging knowledge and inspiration with each other is central to YLVP. Participants will learn by participating in interactive sessions with facilitators, exchanging experiences, doing practical exercises and finding common solutions to global challenges.

The methodology is also quite experimental in nature. Instead of traditional teachers or tests you will meet inspirational and skilled field experts, perform practical tasks, receive feedback and take part in interactive workshops and reflection sessions.

Who is behind the programme?

The YLVP programme is an initiative from the Swedish Institute, developed in close cooperation with Hyper Island in Sweden. SI is a representative of Sweden as well as Swedish values and experiences in the world. SI has goals related to creating a sustainable and equal society globally.

In YLVP, SI collaborates with Hyper Island, with expertise in developing professional experience-based learning in a digitalised world. Central to Hyper Island’s methodology is to practice experiential learning: to question, reflect and explore different approaches to solving challenges.

This collaboration has resulted in a programme that is both revolutionary and widely appreciated by participants. Leadership programmes have been a part of SI’s offer since 2008 and are evolving for every new generation of alumni.

Practical information

YLVP is made up of four weeks divided into two modules at separate times. Module one is three weeks long and always takes place in Sweden. Module two is one week long and takes place either in Sweden or in another location. The programme is in English.

All costs related to accommodation, food and transport during YLVP are covered by SI.

Module 1

In Sweden, 8–26 May, 2017

During the first module, we will dive straight into the experience-based leadership training with a focus on personal and group development. You will be an active participant in several seminars and workshops that touch on topics that are important and relevant to you and your ambitions – such as diversity, human rights, transparency, tolerance and other global challenges.

A substantial amount of time will also be dedicated to feedback, active listening and reflection. During the module, YLVP aims to create a safe space for you to explore your approach to driving social change. At the same time, you are expected to take a step out of your comfort zone and challenge your own behaviour as you go along.

The module involves advanced hands-on training with digital tools, tactics and security. All parts of the programme will be led by facilitators working actively in their respective field. Practical group assignments and project work run throughout the module in combination with at least one study visit to relevant Swedish organisations or institutions.

Module 2

14–20 October, 2017 (location to be decided)

The second and final module takes place a few months after the end of Module 1, after you’ve had time to start implementing the lessons from the first module into your work. It will take place in Sweden or in another location.

The focus during Module 2 will be to maintain, build and expand the network, to continue the learning journey and follow up the development of your work. Just as the first module, this one includes workshops and seminars with speakers and builds on the sharing of the participants’ own experiences and knowledge.

Please note that the Young Leaders Visitors Programme is an intensive programme and all selected participants will have to commit to participating in all activities of both Module 1 and 2.

Accommodation, food and travel

All costs related to accommodation, food and transport during YLVP are covered by SI. SI also arranges and pays for the participants’ air travel to and from Sweden and to the location of the second module of the programme. Each participant is responsible for transportation costs within her/his own countries.

Leadership training by way of personal development and group dynamics. Photo: Roger Anis.


During the programme in Sweden, all participants are insured against acute illness and accident through the Swedish State Group Insurance and personal insurance by The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Service Agency (Kammarkollegiet). If Module 2 is held in another location, all participants are kindly requested to purchase travel insurance in their respective countries prior to departure. SI will reimburse participants for the cost of the insurance.

Applying for a visa

Participants are responsible for obtaining their visas in good time before departure to Sweden and other relevant countries. SI contacts all concerned embassies in order to facilitate the application process. When applying for a visa, SI provides the participants with a letter of invitation and an insurance certificate, and will also cover the application cost.

Please note that it is the concerned embassies that assess all visa applications; SI can never guarantee that all of our selected participants will obtain visas. In recent years, applicants living in conflict-ridden areas have in a few cases seen their visa applications rejected.

Find your nearest Swedish embassy.

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