SI Alumni Network

The Swedish Institute wants to stay in contact with all SI alumni and offers different types of opportunities for everyone who is a part of the SI Alumni Network.

Who is part of the SI Alumni Network?

The SI Alumni Network includes almost 14,000 talented individuals from ca 140 countries. You are a member of this exclusive global network if you have:

  • received a scholarship from the Swedish Institute
  • participated in a Swedish Institute Leadership Programme
  • received the Global Swede award
  • participated in summer courses financed by the Swedish Institute
  • been a digital ambassador for the Swedish Institute
  • studied, or are studying, Swedish abroad on University level

Alumni Opportunities

The Swedish Institute offers different types of opportunities for alumni such as coming back to Sweden, attending conferences globally for professional development or financial support for event organisation.

Events in Sweden

We always strive for our alumni to stay in touch with Sweden. Therefore we have a few calls for applications for alumni to join events in Sweden – either organized by the Swedish Institute or by another organization. We announce information about these via our blog and facebook.

Financial support – organize your own activity!

We encourage all members of the SI Alumni Network to stay engaged and organise activities to reach a global impact towards social change. Therefore we offer funding for SI alumni to hold events in their local context.  The Swedish Institute offers up to 12 000 SEK for alumni to organise activities. We have an open call for applications once or twice every year, get information about the next call by following our channels. If you have ideas or questions, you are always welcome to contact us directly at

Events & conferences in your own region

Do you know about a conference in your region that could be of interest to our alumni? Send us an email! In some cases the Swedish Institute can give financial support for alumni to attend local conferences or events for personal or professional development.

Events at the Swedish Embassies and consulates

The Swedish Institute is working closely with the Swedish embassies and consulates around the world and we always encourage them to involve the local alumni community in their work and offers. Make sure that then Swedish embassy in your country has your updated email address to be on their list to participate in cultural and networking events.

We also encourage alumni to get in touch with the embassies in your region. By giving them your email address you may get invited to their events or networking opportunities. It is a great way to stay in touch with Sweden from abroad!

Regional SI Alumni Networks

SI Alumni Networks exist all over the world. If you want to start a local network, send us an email (alumni(a) and we will help you by reaching out to alumni and with materials and ideas etc. A recommendation is to find a few other alumni who also are willing to get involved and to create a communications platform for your local alumni community; it can be a group on Facebook/ LinkedIn or similar.

Alumni Network Certification

Once you have a network established you can apply to become certified by the Swedish Institute. All certified alumni networks can apply for an event grant of 12 000 SEK any time during the year. To become certified we need you to be able to show that you have a member’s base, a steering committee of at least three members, a clear focus/vision of what you want to accomplish with the network/association and a year plan with activities. It is important that the network is open to all SI alumni.

Instructions for certification and application form

For a list of all current networks and contact persons, please scroll down to the end of this page.

Stay in touch!

You can always contact us at

We publish most of our offers and updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and our blog but also via email. If you have not been in touch with us since you graduated or have changed your email address since then – please give us your new address by emailing to alumni(a) with the subject line “new email address”.


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