Baltic region thematic partnerships grants

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No new applications for thematic partnership will be accepted during 2014

Thematic partnership

The projects in support of thematic partnerships in the Baltic Sea region are to be action-oriented and support cooperation between different sectors and participants.

The goal is for the thematic partnerships to stimulate the creation of new, broad networks as well as increased cooperation in the region. The projects should run no longer than three years and can be granted a maximum of SEK 3,000,000.

Swedish stakeholders will be able to apply for funding in order to initiate cooperation with stakeholders in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, as well as with Georgia and Moldova for academic cooperation.

Previously approved projects

In 2013, SI was looking to support projects in the following areas: clean water and sustainable food production, innovation and energy transition, regional challenges and knowledge-intensive services. Among the projects granted support during 2012 are various types of organisations including Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology, Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control and the Stockholm International Water Institute. Other recipients include the County Council of Uppsala, Biodynamic Research Institute and the Council of Baltic Sea States Secretariat.

In total the Swedish Institute provided SEK 33 million in support for thematic partnerships in 2012. Read more about previously granted projects in thematic partnerships.

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