AReality – Discover Swedish innovations in Madrid

Sweden is ranked as one of the most innovative countries in the world. The Swedish Institute’s exhibition AReality takes a novel approach to exhibiting innovations.

Sweden is the country of focus at Digital Enterprise Show  (DES) taking place in Madrid, Spain, and the Swedish Institute is proud to show the AReality exhibition.”

The exhibition showcases pioneering innovations that will only be visible using HoloLens technology. HoloLens will be available to the visitors, giving them a chance to experience augmented reality. Swedish innovations from the past will be visible to the naked eye.

Welcome to Madrid and AReality!

If you have any questions, please contact project manager Anna Maria Bernitz.


The Exhibition

Flexibility + Movement

Xtend Foot [HoloLens Object]
Company: Lindhextend
Spherical roller bearing [Innovation From the Past]
Company: SKF

Water + Climate

Orbital Systems [HoloLens Object]
Company: Orbital Systems
Solvatten [Innovation From the Past]
Company: Solvatten

Wood + Sustainability

RISE, the carbon-fibre car [HoloLens Object]
Research institutes: KTH, RISE, Blatraden and Swerea SICOMP
Tetra Pak container  [Innovation From the Past]
Company: Tetra Pak

Science + Health

BIO X and bio-ink  HoloLens Object]
Company: Cellink
Pacemaker [Innovation From the Past]
Vintage, 1950s


Curators: Form Content

Design: Igor Isaksson/Mu AB