Seminar on new ways of cooperation between Sweden and Russia

Sida and the Swedish Institute (SI) welcome you to the seminar “International Cooperation with Russia in changing times” 30 March in Stockholm.

The economic, social and environmental developments in Russia today are difficult to predict. How can we operate in this shifting reality and continue to be a relevant partner when the defining lines become ambiguous? The seminar focus on Swedish and Russian experiences of long-term international cooperation in the areas of environment and climate change, research, human rights and culture. It looks at ongoing cooperation and provides recommendation on how to promote an enabling environment for international cooperation with Russia.

Participants are among others: Stefan Gullgren, UD-EC, Anna-Lena Laurén, journalist and correspondent in Russia for Dagens Nyheter, Robert Hårdh, Head of Civil Rights Defenders, Victoria Elias, Conservation Director, World Wildlife Fund Russia, Dmitry Vasilenko, Vice-Rector on International Relations, Saint-Petersburg State University on Economics and Dina Sorokina, Director, Boris Yeltsin Presidential Museum.

The seminar will be held in English.

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