Stories of Migration – Sweden Beyond the Headlines

Migration has always been a part of Swedish history. A new exhibition at the House of Sweden in Washington, DC offers new perspectives on migration and the current situation in Sweden.

The Swedish Institute has produced the exhibition ‘Stories of Migration – Sweden Beyond the Headlines’, which aims to give a voice to people forced to flee their homes and start over in a new country. These are stories from beyond the headlines of chaos and collapse of society. The visitors can learn more about Swedish NGOs that work with integration and meet some new Swedes who shared their stories with photographer Alexander Mahmoud.

Around 65 million people all over the world have been displaced by war and social upheavals. In 2015, Sweden has taken in 160,000 asylum seekers. During the recent years Sweden had welcomed more refugees in relation to its population that any other European country. This has posed a challenge for the Swedish state. Legislative measures have been taken in order to limit the number of asylum seekers.

Historically, Swedes have been positive to immigration. However, hate speech and fear mongering in social media is affecting attitudes as well as public discourse on migration. The exhibition also offers visitors a chance to discuss how a democratic and humane society can be preserved.

The Swedish Institute would like to express its gratitude to the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, UNHCR and photographer Alexander Mahmoud as well as all the other actors from the Swedish civil society portrayed in this exhibition.

Read more about refugees’ stories in Portraits of Migration.

For more information about the exhibition, please contact Michael Skoglund.