Citizenship and cinnamon rolls: meet the new Swedes

SI launches a new film showcasing how Sweden celebrates its new citizens with coffee and cinnamon rolls, served in the Golden Hall of the Nobel banquet venue.

The ceremony features Swedish symbols, like the national anthem and ’fika’, i.e. to socialise while having coffee and cinnamon buns, as well as the personal reflections of Mexico-born Diego on his new home and identity.

“Never tell a Swede you don’t like cinnamon buns ’cause they’ll go weird”, comments Diego Planas Rego. He moved to the city Västerås to study before he started his career, and he blogs avidly on the Tumblr account ‘An Immigrant in Sweden’.

“We wanted to capture how the country opens one of its most prestigious locations for new Swedes, and salutes them with a ceremony and some classic ‘fika’”, says Johan Sundberg, SI Project Manager who directed the film.

“Actually I was moved (by the citizenship ceremony)”, says Diego, who has worked for several Swedish start-ups and now runs his own company in Stockholm.

According to Statistics Sweden, 9,9 million people live in the country, which is almost twice as many as 100 years ago. By the end of 2015, nearly 1,7 million of those residents were born in another country.

The film is available on Sweden’s official YouTube channel (

To watch the film please click here