New film about Sweden launched

The Swedish Institute launches a new short film about Sweden, This is Sweden. With breathtaking landscapes, modern families and unpredictable weather, the film aims to give an updated and authentic image of Sweden.

The new film about Sweden premieres in New York today, 27 January, in connection with a visit by Mikael Damberg, the Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, to the Nasdaq Stock Market. By offering an attractive but not too polished image of Sweden in 1 minute and 46 seconds, SI hopes to make an international audience curious about the country.

This is Sweden showcases life in Sweden “as is”. From generous paid parental leave and spontaneous skinny dipping to same-sex marriages and summers that might turn rainy. We want to communicate an authentic feeling of what Sweden is like today,’ Johan Sundberg, project manager for the film at SI, says.

Produced by B-Reel

The award-winning production company B-Reel produced the movie, and Olof Lindh directed. At the age of 25, Lindh already has already won a number of awards, including for work for Spotify.

‘We’ve chosen a documentary method, shooting with real people in real situations rather than professional actors, to give a true and multifaceted glimpse of life in Sweden,’ he says.

Alice Boman’s melancholic song ‘Waiting’ reinforces the documentary feeling.

‘I’m proud to represent Sweden, the parts of Sweden this film highlight,’ she says.

Available online

The new film about Sweden is available online and can be downloaded or embedded by anyone keen on sharing Sweden, from private individuals to organisations with an official role promoting the country. This is Sweden can also be used offline – e.g. as part of a corporate presentation by a Swedish company, at an event by a Swedish embassy or at international student recruitment fairs.

The film can be found at:

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