Open Call for residency stay in India in the summer of 2017

This call invites Swedish artists to apply for participation in the 2017 India Swamp Storytelling Residency. The project endeavors to address current environmental realities through collaboration between Art Lab Gnesta, Earth CoLab and the Swedish Institute.

Swamp Storytelling combines the working fields for scientific method and artistic production, while sharing research residency field sites. The project is part of the program Create in Residence that was initiated by Art Lab Gnesta in 2014, and has functioned as a platform for discussions and action on environmental and rural issues, making several artistic productions and opening creative dialogue with artists around these concerns. As part of this field based residency, artists are invited into close dialogue with scientists, sociologists, policy makers and the community – thus formulating new perspectives on issues of wetlands, the environment, climate challenge and catastrophe. This project began in 2014 and has since, initiated educational meetings, pedagogical and artistic research that connects the swamps of Sweden and India.

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