Platform for Change MENA

What happens when you put a lot of change makers from the MENA region in the same room? The Swedish Institute is hosting a meet-up for the participants of this year’s Young Leaders Visitors Programme (YLVP) and the Pre-SIF regional meeting MENA.

‘We believe in the change that can come from one individual, and the power that happens when new connections are happening in a network of outstanding people’ says Ulrika K Engström, Programme Manager of the Young Leaders Visitors Programme at the Swedish Institute.

Young Leaders Visitors Programme (YLVP) is a four-week leadership programme for youth leaders and human rights advocates. YLVP brings together journalists, lawyers, social workers, teachers and social entrepreneurs from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Sweden. The programme aims to strengthen the young leaders by giving them tools and methods to use in their work for an equal and sustainable society. Since the launch in 2008, the YLVP alumni network has grown to comprise more than 255 change makers.

Pre-SIF regional meeting MENA is a conference leading up to Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF) on 15-16 May. The Forum is to give policymakers, civil society representatives, activists, business and technical community representatives opportunities for in-depth dialogue and discussions on how a free, open and secure internet promotes human rights and development worldwide. Stockholm Internet Forum 2017 will focus on the connection(s) between access and power.

The meet-up takes place Monday 15 May. If you have any questions, please contact Ulrika K Engström or Nadia Sundbom.