Massive international focus on the twitter account @sweden

Following a statement by the US President during the weekend, Sweden and the official twitter account @sweden has received considerable international focus.

SI is responsible for the project Curators of Sweden and the account @sweden, which is run by a new Swedish citizen each week. Last week’s curator was asked what the statement by the US President, Donald Trump, implying an event in Sweden on Friday, referred to, and soon she was at the center of the uncertainty regarding the statement.

Under the hashtag lastnightinsweden, the curator Emma Johansson denied insinuated terrorist attacks and answered questions about the situation in Sweden from thousands of tweeters from all over the world and a large number of national and international media.

What was it like to suddenly deal with all the international media inquiries?
‘I’ve always been good at talking to people, and I think that was to my advantage,’ Emma Johansson says. ‘Mostly, I walked around and laughed and shook my head at the situation. But because everyone was so nice and professional, regardless of which country they came from, it felt good. So it worked out well, I think.’

How was the response from the followers?
‘The saddest response from followers of @sweden was the Americans who apologised for their president. And there were quite a few. Otherwise, it got mostly positive reactions to what I said and did, which felt good. Some less pleasant white-power people and racists showed up of course, but they were not as many as the other positive ones. So I see it as a positive experience.’

Media focus on SI as well

SI’s work includes analysing the image of Sweden and also SI’s Henrik Selin was interviewed by international media about the situation in the country. SI denies that a major incident took place and stresses that Sweden is increasingly the subject of disinformation and alternative facts from international players in order to stain the image of Sweden.

No country is free from challenges, nor Sweden. But, perhaps more important now than ever is to realise that in order to be able to discuss these challenges properly, we need facts and perspective.

SI answers questions about promoting Sweden and the image of Sweden and refers to the Swedish MFA’s position on foreign policy issues.

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