Zara Larsson and Nina Stemme are awarded the Swedish Music Export Prize 2016

The Swedish government’s prize for outstanding contributions to Swedish music export in 2016 is awarded to the artist and the songwriter Zara Larsson.

On 21 February the EU- and Trade Minister Ann Linde announced the Government’s Music Export prize to a Swedish musician who has contributed to the Swedish export success and to spread a modern and positive image of Sweden abroad.

“Sweden will continue to export the music of world class. It is particularly gratifying that the prizes this year go to two women who have not only with their voices and artistry put Sweden on the map, but also contribute to spreading a positive image of Sweden as a egalitarian, creative and innovative country, “EU- and Trade Minister Ann Linde said.

The jury, headed by SI’s Director-General Annika Rembe, appointed Zara Larsson with the motivation:

With her irresistible pop music, her colorful artistry and strong personality, she has the world at his feet. Her songs have been placed on several of the world rankings, and streamed over an incredible 1 billion times. During the past year, she has begun to experiment with and develop her own songwriting, been featured in international press, participated in major talk shows, inaugurated the European Football Championship and played to sold-out houses in Europe and the US. She has had a tremendous influence, something that made the Time magazine named her one of the world’s 30 most influential people under 30 years. Her strong voice as a singer, but also as a voice for women’s rights, makes her a great role model for modern Sweden. The Government’s Music Export Prize 2016 awarded to the songwriter and artist Zara Larsson.

Other nominees for the award were: Galantis, Ghost, Yung Lean & Sad Boys.

The honorary prize was awarded to the opera singer Nina Stemme, a player in the music industry who has made longstanding efforts for spreading Swedish music abroad and in spreading a positive image of Sweden.